Explore, Create, Complete

From the moment you contact our enthusiastic, dedicated team, everything is explained clearly and made as straightforward as possible.

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No matter the size of your company or shape of the office space, we transform your working environment into somewhere employees love to work – at no initial cost to you.

Listening to what you need to develop a detailed brief.

Being clear on what you want is vitally important to make sure your office is designed and finished in the way that you want it.

The more information you can give us the better, but we appreciate that sometimes you might not have all the answers straightaway. Talking through your options with professionals is extremely beneficial. It helps to crystallise your thoughts into a coherent plan and provides clear guidance when work begins.

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At this stage of your journey, everything you imagined comes to life through detailed visuals and graphic designs. See the office layout, furniture and finishes all in your choice of colour.

Bringing your ideas and aspirations to life.

Creating the perfect office and working environment that employees are proud of and love to work and relax in.

We pride ourselves on our creative flair. We enjoy finding new, exciting ways to bring your projects to life that pushes boundaries to get the best result.

We take your initial concept and transform it into detailed working drawings and designs (both 2D and 3D). Every little detail is considered and included so you can fully understand how your new office will look.

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This manageable step-by-step process gives you opportunities to ask questions and make decisions along the way. It also outlines clearly what services you pay for and when.

Minimal disruption to your business.

Making office refits, refurbishments and moves as straightforward as possible around a time that suits you.

Once we are appointed as your working partner, everything that we have developed and visualised during Explore and Create becomes a reality.

We complete the schedule of works so you will know exactly what is going to happen when, and by who. Our team tracks the project and monitors progress very closely to make sure that everything is completed on time, to budget and with minimal disruption to your business.

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