The Future of Office Design

What we previously thought were cutting edge office designs are now looking increasingly out-dated. Complexities of office design, whether it may be the materials used or technology installed, is now leaning towards simplification. Modern offices are shifting towards a more human-centred and occupant-focused design. This is to ensure that the office meets the diverse and evolving needs of employees. Here are some of the trends with reference to the future of office design:


There is more to solitary concentration than just installing cubicles to improve privacy. The future of office privacy lies not in enclosed areas but areas that allow staff to concentrate while still feeling a belonging to the office. With the emergence of open space plans, solid cubicles are being discarded and replaced by semi-enclosed settings that still give privacy without being too suffocating.


Did you know that collaborative spaces, especially meeting spaces give employees a boost in productivity? Traditional lobby ancillary furniture is now being used as informal meeting spaces away from desk areas. This allows employees to interact with each other and exchange ideas, making staff productive and collaborative at the same time.


Bold geometric textiles are starting to trend in offices. It removes the dull, heavy feeling in offices and replaces it with a vibrant one. Geometric tiles create a welcoming feel, not only to your employees but also to your clients. Just remember to choose patterns, colours and textures that will not distract employees.


The future of office space sees a merging of work and home life. More and more office space will incorporate residential touches in its designs. Gone are the days where office spaces are factory-like. We can also expect a rise in the use of ancillary pieces, warm and wholesome tones as well as metallic hues such as brass and copper. This creates an inviting atmosphere without sacrificing the functionality of the office space.


With the accessibility of technology, expect technological integration in office spaces. The technology we once considered as a luxury is now considered to be an office expectation. Conference tables and boards as well as in benching systems, technology plays a huge role in business productivity and overall performance. Office equipment can collect sensory data that will be the basis of decisions, such as the number of hours employees are sitting or standing. These technological integrations can help employers make an informed decision in areas such as health care?

These are just some of the few trends that we can expect in office spaces in the near future. You don’t have to incorporate every office designs stated above to maximise productivity of your employees or to boost performance of the business. Just make sure that the working space provides a conducive environment for you, your employees and clients while still being relevant with the technological advancement and the modern times. If you are unsure of what designs are perfect for your business, AMH Commercial Projects can help.

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