Office Refurbishment Tips To Boost Productivity

You’d be surprised how office refurbishment can boost your employee’s productivity. Studies suggest that office environment has a huge impact on your employees. Furthermore, prioritising office refurbishment can boost your staff’s mental and physical well-being. A modern office provides an inviting space that should allow for a great customer experience and should also take into account the welfare of your employees. Provide a space that allows for the employees’ interaction to nurture ideas and morale and to produce breakthroughs by developing innovative minds.

Here are some changes you can do during your office refurbishment:


If you are looking for a quick solution to boost your workplace’s morale, draw back the curtains and let natural light fill the room. Daylight naturally enhances productivity. When doing your office refurbishment, consider taking down internal walls to create a more open environment.


When creating an effective atmosphere, there is no ‘one size fit all’ solution. This is why you need to plan before making any alterations. Consider the atmosphere that you want to create. If you are promoting innovation and creativity it is best to have a bright, open plan office space. If you want a place for reflection, keep the lighting low and the colours calm.


If you think that your space is not big enough for a complete office refurbishment, there are other features that you can modify to make your office space seem brighter. One of these things is changing the colour scheme of your office space. If you want colours that allow flexibility, go for a neutral colour scheme. Using white paint also gives the office space the feeling of being spacious and fresh.


When doing your office refurbishment, make sure you invest money in comfortable furniture. Ergonomics is important so your employee’s won’t complain about aches and strains. Don’t hesitate to ask us at AMH so we can give you some tips to help you choose the perfect furniture.


If you have the budget and space to add a gym or meditation room to your office space, then do so. This is a great way to encourage your employees to stay mentally and physically healthy. You may also consider adding your own food area to promote healthy eating in the office.

These are just some of the many changes that you can make during an office refurbishment. By doing some of these tips, you are winning the hearts of your employees which can ultimately increase productivity and company loyalty. Remember when undertaking an office refurbishment you have to consider the needs and wants of your employees. If they know that you take their opinions seriously it will boost their morale and they will be more productive.

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