Office Fitout: What Does It Take to Make Your Office an Agile Workplace

The office landscape is changing as we know it, all thanks to the rapid advancement in technology, which has changed how we work and the way we want our physical workspaces to be.

An excellent example of this is the agile workspace, which has been around for a while but is currently becoming more and more popular, especially among start-up tech companies. Google, for instance, is one of the most outspoken advocate of the agile working environment.

What is an agile workspace?

Maximum flexibility and minimum restrictions are the two main themes of an agile work environment, manifesting the idea that work is more of an activity that is done rather than a place one must go to. This type of work environment also gives more value on the output and productivity of employees.

The benefits of an agile workplace

For employees, this type of office setup aims to empower them to make their own choices and feel more creative, motivated and productive. Aside from the promise of happier employees, more organisations are choosing to adopt an agile working environment for the following reasons:

  • Cost-effectiveness – With the option to work from home or in a co-working setup and the reduction on long work hours, companies save on accommodation and energy expenses.
  • Efficiency – An agile environment focuses on streamlining every major workflow for a quicker response and adaptability to various demands.
  • Collaborative and positive – An agile office encourages positive and collaborative behaviour among all employees. It breaks the barriers that separate different departments and from levels of rank.

Designing an agile office or agile workplace

When it comes to transforming your current office design into a more inclusive agile workplace, it is important to assess your organisation’s current situation. A great way to consult your employees is through a survey inquiring about their thoughts and soliciting suggestions on what specific features they wish to be included.

5 elements of an agile office

In an agile work setting, employees are not limited to staying at their own desks as opposed to a traditional office. They can take their laptops or have standing coffee meetings anywhere. To support focus, collaborations, meeting and social functions, an office fit-out for an agile workplace should consider including these key elements:

  • Open plan – A concept supported by the tech geniuses in Facebook and Google offices, open plan areas knocks down the use of walls for individual private offices or cubicles. This means that employees of all levels and titles work side by side. While it fosters open communication and collaboration among team members, there have also been concerns about some employees finding it difficult to focus with the noise of others or without personal privacy.
  • Quiet zones – Little nooks that provide a more sheltered workspace available for all employees and may serve as a private meeting room for confidential matters and clients as well.
  • Breakout – This could be the workplace kitchen or office tea point where the staff take their lunch and winds down to grab a quick cup of coffee, but this could also double as an ad hoc meeting room for informal huddles and brainstorming sessions.
  • Touchdown areas – Additional space for employees who only report to the office occasionally or for finishing quick tasks only, for example, checking emails.
  • Resource storage– A centralised space dedicated to all equipment and essentials, such as printers, photocopying machines and other supplies.

Aside from utilising every inch of space and making sure each area is versatile to perform a variety of functions, office fit-outs for agile offices should also include appropriate fixtures and furniture, such as soft seating, a range of desking options, and seamless and reliable Internet connectivity.

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