Office Design Trends of 2018

This 2018, office designs are not just about decors, details or layouts. Designers are now looking at the whole picture that will make the look of the office affect the morale of the employees and inspire them to give their best. Office design for 2018, is not just about aesthetics but the appeal of the entire office. Every year, new office design trends emerge in the market and this year is no different. Here are some of the 2018 trends for office design:

1. Welcoming in the Outside

Walls are out, dividers are in! Dividers made from bamboo or shells are the top choice for office design this year. With the success of the biophilic design trend last year, it won’t be going away anytime soon. It is now believed that biophilic design or incorporating nature into the office space is connected to the employees’ increased over-all mood, wellbeing and productivity.

2. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your textures!

Did you know that by using different textures in your office design you can stimulate the mind? By using a variety of materials that relate to the outdoors, individuals working inside will have a sense of freedom and won’t feel suffocated by drab walls and paints. You can also use a combination of metals, woods and textiles to achieve a homely feel for the interior. Additionally, you can finish by placing faux fur rugs on your office floor, as well as installing tapestries for the walls.

For the restroom, design it in a way that your employees can go there to unwind and relax when the stress from work becomes a little too much. Make it resemble a café or any social space.

3. Colour Chaos is a Big No-no

Having a nice colour palette for your office design is essential. It is important to note that colour palettes for this year are more inclined towards an environmental aesthetic such as metallics paired with textured materials. However, one thing remains constant, colours should still match with your company’s personality. If the company’s personality is inclined to be bold and lively, the colours you should choose must reflect that.

4. Total Rehaul

When designing an office space, everybody should be taken into consideration. Aside from being a place to work, office space has become a second home to the employees and because of this, designers should make it a point to make their designs have a positive effect to the wellbeing of the employees. A total overhaul is necessary and it should not just be the colours or the position of the furniture. Rather, it should cater to the different needs of those working in the office. Does anyone need a higher desk or adjustable chair? These special needs must also be considered in your office design.

Again, 2018 office design trend takes a greater consideration of the bigger picture which includes not only the physical aspect of the design but also how it would emotionally and mentally affect those who will be using the office.

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