Design tips to create an inspiring office space

Companies that are recognising the influence of their office spaces to their employees are looking at how employees can be more effective to produce good results. We are seeing the shift from office cubicles to open spaces that inspire creativity and collaboration.

If your company has just started to appreciate the impact of a good office space and you are planning on refurbishing your workplace, here are a few of our tips that will help you get started in creating the most inspiring space for your employees.

Add some colour

The easiest way to spice up any room is to splash some colour on it. Different colours are said to influence how people feel. Certain colours can be relaxing while others stimulate creative thinking, so these are the types of hues that you would consider putting in a lounge or a co-working space where people usually gather to share their thoughts and ideas. Choosing a colour might sound like an easy decision but it is something that you also have to consider carefully.

You can also choose to incorporate your branding into the colours that you will use. Think of your office space as an extension of your brand. This would also give your employees a sense of belonging.

Leave some open floor space

Cubicles can be counterproductive when it comes to inspiring workers and fostering creativity because it tends to isolate employees. This is why large open spaces where you can put adjustable work areas or lounges have become more popular. With this setup, you can also provide more flexible seating arrangements such as couches so employees will feel more comfortable and at ease.

An open space will also encourage workers to collaborate more since they will get to interact with each other more often. A lot of bright ideas can come from casual interaction.

Incorporate nature for employees’ well being

This does not mean that each employee should have a window with a view of the outdoors. With limited space, you can incorporate nature by having potted plants and making sure that natural light can make its way to your office space. Dim fluorescent lights can also affect your employees morale and productivity so bring more sunlight during the day.

Add inspiration to your walls

Art pieces, paintings, photos and motivational quotes on the walls can also provide inspiration to employees and get their creative juices flowing. New and interesting pieces can also encourage unconventional thinking so this may inspire creative solutions to your problems. You may also consider using pieces that highlight your values as a company.

Allow your employees to personalise their workspace

Employees who are comfortable in their space are more creative and productive. Seeing themselves reflected as part of your company will help them work to their best ability. And to some extent, this can be a gentle reminder to your employees that they are free to be themselves in the workplace.

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