Creating A People-centric Workplace

A guide to creating choice & flexibility for your team.

The workplace has evolved throughout the years. It’s no longer a static organisation as it now offers an array of opportunities for employees to personalise their work domain. To keep up with the changes, companies have to be keen on detail when creating their office design. It is important to not only be digitally adept, but be people-centric as well. Having a deep understanding of the motivations of your employees will give you a clearer view of their wants and needs, making it easy for you to determine how the design will accomplish that balance. So, what does it take to have a flexible office that is focused on its employees?

Understanding the culture

To create a healthy work environment, you have to understand what drives employee engagement amongst your staff. Designing your workplace with your employees in mind will help foster engagement whilst providing them a better quality of working life. Make your employees feel valued by listening to their opinions. Do a survey or have a brainstorming session to gather data from your staff as to how they would like their new office design to work for them. Understanding their cues, values and behaviours will give you a better understanding of what they actually need.

Creating a more flexible choice

For your business to continue to succeed in the long term, you need to have a workplace that meets the changing needs of your employees. Having a flexible space will create an inclusive culture by providing a diverse work environment. This will cater to each of your employees, regardless of their working style.

One way to create a flexible workspace is by utilising a comprehensive activity-based design. This will give the employees the freedom to choose where, how and when to work. This flexible working style should be actively encouraged and promoted by the leadership team to ensure that employees feel comfortable to utilise the space as they wish to maximise the benefits that can be achieved by an activity based design.

As activity-based layout provides a variety of spaces, employees get the opportunity to work in different areas of your office. For those who need a quiet place to focus, they could work in a private office or meeting pod. For those who prefer to work in a bustling and stimulating environment or need to collaborate with a group, a vibrant area with large communal tables and soft seating will create an energising surrounding to support them.

Creating a breakout area will also be desirable for your staff. This area will allow your employees to relax and have breaks and will become the social hub to nurture connections between teams. Aside from putting comfortable seating in this area, you may also provide games equipment like ping pong tables and board games that they can enjoy. Taking their minds off work for a while can boost creativity and productivity to re-energise your team throughout the day.

To effectively support an activity-based working environment, flexible furniture solutions and connectivity for technology are essential. These allow your team to move freely and efficiently within the space to maximise the benefits of the workplace.

Providing flexibility promotes a happier work environment, which then produces the best results for the organisation. Embracing a people-centric approach in the workplace can deliver great benefits for the company.

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