Making your office relocation or refurbishment a positive experience.

From the moment you contact our enthusiastic, dedicated team, everything is explained clearly and made as straightforward as possible.

From exploring ideas and creating striking concept designs to fitting the final desk, we help to plan every last detail of your office environment and space at no initial cost to you.

We like to keep things simple by breaking down the process into three stages:

No matter the size of your company or shape of the office space, we transform your working environment into somewhere employees love to work – at no initial cost to you.

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At this stage of your journey, everything you imagined comes to life through detailed visuals and graphic designs. See the office layout, furniture and finishes all in your choice of colour.

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All the careful planning becomes a reality. Your project is closely monitored to make sure everything is finished on time, to an exceptionally high standard and with minimal disruption.

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This manageable step-by-step process gives you opportunities to ask questions and make decisions along the way. It also outlines clearly what services you pay for and when.

We develop the brief, initial designs and budget for free. There is no commitment contractually at this stage either, so you can talk to us without worrying about a big bill or getting tied into something you can’t get out of.

When we’ve demonstrated our commitment and understanding of your project and you’d like us to develop the concepts further, we need you to appoint us as your working partner. We will issue a letter of intent, which defines the fees as outlined in the budget, and develop the project to the next level (Create). These fees will become payable should the project not proceed to the completion stage within an agreed period (usually 6 weeks).

If you have any questions about how this pricing structure works or you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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