Tips for Choosing the Right Office Furniture

Obtaining your own office is an exciting phase in a growing business. Apart from deciding on the best strategic location and the right size of the office space, you also have to consider choosing the appropriate furniture.

Whether you have just purchased a new office or are having a major office refit, you may consider the tips we have compiled to help you decide on the office furniture you may require for your business.

Determine your budget
If your business is currently being financed by investors, you may need to be more responsible with the expenditure. Before purchasing, determine your budget and collate the items required for your office. Prioritising the main furniture, such as desks and chairs, calculating how many you need.Try to purchase the required furniture for a fair price without compromising quality. However, if you’re planning to have something that is extra expensive, determining your budget will let you decide appropriately.

Consider furniture’s functionality
There are products that offer flexibility and functionality. The key is determining whether the cost of this furniture justifies your current office need. In addition, too much functionality can distract employees from their work.

When choosing furniture for your employees’ workstations, make sure the multiple functionalities include wide leg space underneath the work surface, correct height, no front drawers and rounded front edges to avoid stress on wrists and arms.

Determine size of office space
The size of your office space will help you decide if you can bring in furniture that is large and bulky. Figure out what working style you want for your business, whether collaborative or individual, as the type of furniture you obtain will have to correspond with the operations of your team. If you have a small office space with a collaborative working style, workspaces should be more open with fewer dividers and walls.

Adjusting furniture in specific ways can also help the office look more spacious even if you have a small office space. Just remember to leave a comfortable space for your employees where they can be efficient and productive.

Decide on aesthetics
Office furniture can greatly influence the mood of office. It also dictates the personality of your office and reflects your brand to your guests and clients.Try to be consistent with the colour and design of the entire office so that it appears united and not like one big jigsaw puzzle.

Decide whether you want to have a traditional or contemporary style. Steel and glass pieces are more modern and industrial while wood furniture gives a more traditional vibe. You can also combine these pieces to have a transitional environment. Choosing a common aesthetic for your storage cabinets, desks and other prominent features of your office provides a neat and steady look.

Utilise file storage drawers and cabinets
It is important to keep your office space orderly to have a conducive working environment. Keep everything organised in file storage drawers so you don’t have to deal with paperwork cluttering your workspace. Consider having locking file cabinets to have a secure storage space for your documents.

If you’re having difficulty deciding on the right furniture for your office refurbishment, AMH can guide you through the entire procedure. You’ll receive detailed drawings and plans showing how the new furniture could work within the relevant space. You will receive a transparent breakdown of costs. There is no upfront cost to work with us on developing the proposal. You only make a financial commitment when you are ready to progress further with the order. If you have any further enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0117 231 0077 or email us at

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