Exceptional office design, refurbishments and fit out

Explore your ideas, see them come to life and watch your office transform before your eyes. The journey is broken down into Explore, Create and Complete, so you are not overwhelmed by too much information all at once and clearly outlines what services you pay for and when.

Exquisite design and a high-class finish

Explore ideas, visualise your new office and then see it become a reality as we complete the design and build to an exceptional standard.

We love what we do and our customers tell us that they enjoy working with us too. We focus on the detail right from the start. With an in depth understanding of how you work, what office space you have now and how you want to use it in the future, you will receive accurate, honest recommendations and costings.

Office space comes in many shapes and sizes, and each with their own complexities. No matter what space you have or are looking to move into, we will explore options with you, create stunning concepts and complete the work to an exceptionally high standard.

Our years of experience in the construction industry, combined with our dedicated, professional but friendly approach enables us to offer you a complete office design and build package – from new furniture to a complete refurbishment or office move.

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Sleek and stylish or ergonomic and eco-friendly – the choice is yours

No matter what look and feel you are going for, there are office furniture solutions aplenty and we’re here to help you make the best choice.

Furniture is a key part of the overall look and feel of your office so it important to get it right.

We spend time finding out what you need before making a recommendation using our knowledge of what’s available, what’s affordable and, most importantly, what’s value for money.

Whether you require new furniture as part of a full office fit out, or you are looking to refresh tired, old equipment, you will find the perfect solution for the office space you have.

There is no upfront cost to work with us on developing a proposal. You only make a financial commitment when you are ready to progress further with the project. This is explained in more detail under Your Journey but it means you don’t have to worry about being hit with charges or contracts the moment you contact us.

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Helping you to make the right property choice

With professionally designed office plans we can help you to visualise what the commercial property could look like.

Our test fit service can help to visualise what a commercial office space could look like after a full fit out or refurbishment. With visuals and sample floor plans prepared, it can help to answer questions and let prospective tenants imagine what’s possible with the space available. Our designer will develop a selection of generic office plans to show meeting rooms, desk space and furniture.

When tenants move out of a commercial property at the end of a contract, we also offer a dilapidation service to return the property to the pre-lease condition.

If you’re an individual business looking for a new premise then we can work through some options, look at what the pitfalls might be and generally assess the suitability of the property before you make a decision.

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